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SourceManagement’s core focus is on value-creation for organizations. The integral approach on primary resources such as human capital, third parties and financial means leads to a profitable symbiosis for organizations. This unique harmony creates a clear and recognizable permanent distinctive character for organizations.

De sourcingfunctie

The sourcing professional, that adds value, has been increasingly taking a strategic place in many organizations. The pressure on organizations to distinguish  themselves in the marketplace (both in sales and sourcing markets) are important drivers. Organizations are getting more and more aware of the possible value-creation a professionally devised sourcing position can add in achieving an efficient and effective value chain.

Short term orientation

The short term orientation of the traditional purchasing philosophy such as pursuing large discount percentages, or trying to do one over on the supplier, or seeing the dependence on suppliers as a threat can all be things of the past. We like to replace them by the mindset of having a clear focus on competencies, strategic flexibility and trust in order to create value.

The innovation philosophy

This innovative mindset contributes an invaluable amount towards value-creation and the continuity of organizations. New ways of working, both within and in between organizations, are detrimental in order to answer the current issues regarding sourcing. Establishing efficient organizations and value-chains on the one side, and effective internal and external relations on the other, means that the traditional purchasing philosophy can be discarded. Therefore, making room for a new paradigm: SourceManagement.


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