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Value creation by connecting resources

International Interim management agency
more than 20 years of experience
  (Strategic) Sourcing
Best Value Sourcing


SourceManagement is an international interim management agency. For more than 20 years we have been offering organizations proven and extensive knowledge, experiences and management support in the field of (Strategic) Sourcing. Best practices and in-depth theoretical knowledge have been combined into practical, clear-cut and successful approaches, methodologies and tools to achieve (Strategic) Sourcing goals of organizations. We are the founder of the SourceManagement concept; The breakthrough in (traditional) purchasing philosophy.



SourceManagement assists, supports and collaborates on sourcing cases with reputable organizations. Best practice, in-depth theoretical knowledge and experiences have been combined into practical and clear-cut methods, methodologies and tools to realize the Sourcing goals of organizations.


SourceManagement makes it possible to gain insight into sourcing processes. Through these insights we are able to define possible improvements, then realise these improvements and most importantly to safeguard them for the long term. Additionally, Sourcing Management supports organizations to make the (long-term) effects of decisions or policy revisions visible, archivable, negotiable and improvable in strategic, financial, operational and organizational areas.


SourceManagement, your partner for:

Strategic Sourcing from strategy formation to implementation
  1. Change management issues;

  2. Set up and optimize Sourcing function;

  3. Competence development

    • Assisting (starting) Sourcing managers

    • Training and workshops

Best Value Sourcing
  1. Cost reduction

  2. Margin improvements

  1. Program- and project Management;

  2. Fulfillment of temporary management

  3. CPO as a service.




We have been working according to the concept of "Het nieuwe werken (HNW)" for more than 20 years. This enables us to work flexibly and efficiently and enables us to respond to developments adequately. We have been doing this for some time already from our location in Voorburg.


SourceManagement Technology b.v.

Charlotte van Pallandtlaan 17

2272 TP Voorburg (NL)


Telephone: +31 651 145 920


Twitter: sourcemgt 

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